Bob Baskin

Bob has spent most of the last 20+ years serving as a senior financial and operating executive in small to mid-sized companies in industries that include manufacturing, R&D, logistics, and non-profits. Positions that Bob have served in include Controller, Director of Development, CFO, COO, and CEO. He has worked with small business owners to define, measure, and manage their company's Key Performance Indicators to drive their business operations. He has helped owners recognize, build, and exploit — and sometimes alter — their distinctive competences that define their market positioning. He has orchestrated a number of financial and operational turnarounds, from strategic design to tactical implementation, for both privately held companies and non-profits. His areas of expertise include: strategic planning and budgeting; managing cash flow; defining financial requirements and implementing appropriate systems; and helping companies reach the next level in their development.

Experience: Prior to joining Westover, Bob held senior financial and operating positions at several small to mid-sized companies, including: CFO at a start-up that licensed its IP from a major state university and provided structural innovations to the defense and construction industries; CEO of a not-for-profit publishing company; CFO of a multi-state value-added distribution and engineering services company; and General Manager of a foreign-owned distributor of specialty printing inks and industrial lubricants.

Education: B.A., Economics, Washington & Lee University and M.B.A., Colgate Darden School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia