Human Resources

Managing the HR function can be challenging in a company that is experiencing or looking to achieve high year-over-year growth. Whether rapid growth is happening in a small start-up that suddenly gains traction, or in a more established company that's growing due to acquisition and international expansion, there are some common challenges each will face as a result of growth.

Recent Work


        Supported the CEO of a public company in developing and implementing a corporate-wide reorganization and market repositioning plan. Eliminated 120 positions and reduced operating expenses $25 million.

We provide companies with both strategic and tactical HR services including:

  • Fractional and Interim HR Leaders (we can provide full or part-time interim leadership for key executive roles during hiring gaps, as well as onboarding for new hires)
  • Recruiting new talent
  • Training and staff development
  • Compensation and benefits packages to attract and retain talent
  • Resolving sensitive employee relations issues
  • Managing through transitions
  • Developing HR policies
  • Developing and implementing performance management systems
  • Developing and maintaining affirmative action programs to conform to EEOO regulations