Information Technology

For most companies, Information Technology is probably not their core business. Trying to solve strategic IT challenges internally can become a major distraction for a growth company. More often than not these challenges end up costing substantially more than your initial expectations.

Recent Work

        Supported the CEO/CFO in the rollout of financial system to align a pre-IPO subsidiary of a of biotechnology lab equipment company’s real-time reporting needs. Additionally, automated 35% of finance accounting tasks and lowered operational costs by $250K per year.

If you need help with a special project involving your Information Technology assets and/or consulting, we can help. We offer affordable advisory and managerial services that will meet most of your short or long-term IT objectives. We provide companies with virtual CIO + CTO Services by helping clients address a wide range of IT and operational issues including:

  • Providing fractional CIO + CTO services
  • Helping CEOs and management teams navigate the rapidly changing IT landscape and developing appropriate strategies
  • Providing project management and requirements analysis and support on major IT initiatives
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Assisting clients with desigining and implementing network security solutions
  • Desigining disaster recovery plans (DRP)
  • Developing business continuity plans (BCP)
  • Conductioning M&A due dilligence
  • Implementing cost effective cloud computing solutions
  • Big Data and Data Analytics strategy



Westover provides IT leadership you can trust - when you need it. Whether you need an expert at hand during a business transition or need IT leadership on an ongoing basis our Virtual Chief Technology Officer/ Chief Information Officer (vCIO/vCTO) outsourcing services give you access to experienced, high-level professionals who can provide senior level leadership to your team without the cost and commitment associated with hiring full-time employees. Our C-suite professionals move quickly and efficiently to analyze your organization’s situation; take control and accountability for driving IT strategy, while recommending specific ways technology can make your business more competitive in the marketplace.

If your business is growing, there’s a good chance your IT needs are expanding in proportion. For many small and growing companies, hiring a full-time CTO or CIO is not financially feasible. Outsourcing this role, however, provides an affordable alternative for businesses that need an experienced professional to drive IT strategy without the significant costs typically associated with executive-level IT professionals.