Social Responsibility

Companies of all sizes recognize that being a good citizen is not only the right thing to do, but a valuable business strategy. Having a successful social responsibility program can help your company enhance it's image and reputation in the community, as well as attract and retain employees. Research demonstrates that employees, particularly millennials, want to work for a company that is socially responsible. In addition, a social responsibility program often helps to attract investors who are increasingly interested in funding companies that are good corporate citizens. In many situations, being seen as part of the community and as a caring corporate partner gives a company a license to operate. What does it take to gain the benefits of a social responsibility program? It takes creative use of a company's resources, meaning its people, products and finances — something companies of all sizes can embrace.

Recent Work


        A small design firm was being approached by local nonprofits, customers and others in the community to make financial contributions. Over time the number of requests began to escalate and the firm realized that it was sprinkling its dollars over many organizations but not having any impact or gaining visibility for what it was doing. We were asked to help design a strategy that would find a focus for the giving and identify appropriate local nonprofit partners. We also created a skills-based volunteer program that allowed the firm to "give back" to the community in a meaningful way, engaged employees, and did not require a financial contribution. The program we developed was a win for the firm, community and employees. It ultimately resulted in new clients who admired what the firm was  doing philanthropically and wanted to support its endeavors. The firm also saw its employee turnover rate drastically decrease thus reducing its recruitment and training costs. 

Our goal is to help companies develop community outreach and corporate citizenship programs that generate positive, measurable benefits for the company’s bottom-line, as well as the community as a whole.

For companies with limited time, staffing resources, and/or expertise, we not only help design strategic programs, policies, and procedures, but we also help our clients implement and manage them. We provide companies strategic and tactical services in four areas:

  • Strategy Development for Charitable Giving
    • Create goals and measurable objectives
    • Develop a mission/vision statement
    • Identify areas of focus for charitable giving
  • Program Implementation Services
    • Create the giving program’s guidelines and policies
    • Develop program budget
    • Identify appropriate nonprofits to support and ensure that they are financially sound
    • Review grant proposals from nonprofit organizations requesting funding and decide which ones deserve support and how much
    • Manage the administration of the program, including correspondence, such as sending approval and declination letters to nonprofits submitting grant requests
    • Set up databases to track the grants made (and volunteer hours)
    • Create and execute internal/external communication and PR plans, including social media, to share the impact of the firm’s efforts
  • Evaluation
    • Monitor the program
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of the nonprofits to ensure that the funds are being used as intended and are making a difference
    • Develop metrics to assess the success of the program
    • Craft the overall strategy for an employee engagement program
    • Create engaging volunteer programs, including traditional, skills-based, pro bono and other programs that result in employee retention, team building and development/enhancement of professional skills


What our clients are saying about us:

"Linda has been an invaluable resource to me and my staff on the process of establishing a more strategic and focused approach to our community outreach efforts. Her guidance has enabled me to restructure the program and her training has ensured that my staff understands the direction we need to follow. I truly appreciate that she is always there for me."
—Marie Smith